The SHD Group offers first-hand executive experience, know-how and expertise in AI and Processors “from Edge to Cloud & back”. We bring to you a structured approach transitioning from innovation to commercial success, a transparent and proven strategy and business development methodology with a strong focus on measurable results.

Our Value Proposition

Maximize your ROI

We enable our clients, typically young, growth companies, in the post A, pre-B round to maximize their ROI, from smart sensors & IoT to AI applications and enablement.

Decades of Combined Experience

We leverage our extensive network of global contacts & relationships across multiple technology industries to build on your innovations and deliver meaningful results and success.

Extensive Support & Guidance

We validate potential product fit and bridge the gap between technology innovation and building business needs, relationships and those critical early customers.

SHD Group Why Us

Our Framework Methodology

Best Practices

Client Confidentiality

We only engage with non-competing clients & technologies. All client data is held securely and privately.

Structured Approach

Tested industry methodology from product definition & release to blending market requirements with engineering capabilities


Proven processes, managed and tracked with option for direct access, tracking & reporting by clients